Clayton rarely performs in clubs and bars but he does perform at a limited number of  House Concerts each year. With the release of his new CD "Duke of Rural," Clayton has decided to give others who are interested in sponsoring a House Concert the opportunity to do so. 

The intimate setting of your home is a wonderful way to see and hear Clayton perform his music live. It's A private show for you and your friends and you can record and videotape the performance for your own use. It's a great chance to share a wonderful experience with your family, friends and colleagues.  

If you are interested in hosting a House Concert in your home, here's what to do:

1. Select a suitable space in your home, (living room, dining room, family room or any large space), where at least forty people can be comfortably seated to enjoy the concert.

2. Sell a minimum of forty tickets at $15.00 each, the proceeds from which will be paid to Clayton. If you can accommodate a larger audience, more of your friends can enjoy Clayton's live performance. Advertising? Word-of-mouth promotion works really well for House Concerts. Promotion through civic or social organizations, clubs or other groups in which you are a member is another way to fill the room.

3. Please provide lodging for Clayton in a nice hotel or Bed and Breakfast, and a tasty meal on the day of the event.

4. A House Concert is an unique event! Be creative! It's an special time for the audience to experience Clayton in concert in a private and intimate setting. You can  invite your guests to an elegant dinner or for a pot-luck prior to or after the concert. You may prefer to simply offer snacks and drinks. When the concert has concluded, Clayton will be available to sign CDs and chat with your guests. 

You love Clayton' singing and songwriting. A House Concert is an exciting opportunity for you to introduce Clayton's music to your friends in the comfort of your home. Treat them to the unique experience of your own House Concert! They may also want to sponsor a House Concert, to which you are certain to be an invited guest!

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